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New and Redesigned!
Equalizer   1000   Series
Supports Up To 8 Users Simultaneously!



Exercise is a fundamental key to good health. It is even more important when
you are confined to a wheelchair. Over 30 years of weight training experience
from the wheelchair has gone into the design of our machines which can be used
by paras & quads as well as the able bodied!

Station 1: Vertical Bench Press

Most of the major muscle groups (chest, shoulder, triceps, and back
muscles) in your upper body are exercised using the Vertical Bench
Press Station. The Bench Press is a foundation movement with most
muscle training programs. Each arm work independently of the other,
allowing you to select varying weights, should you have more strength
in one side than the other. Additionally, each arm has a fully
adjustable height to fit your individual needs. The hand grips are
adjustable for either wide or narrow grip by sliding the handles to
the desired position. Hand grip is not required, just place the palms
on the handles and push away. The back support is fully adjustable
and allows for different positions for either a partial or full press.
Your pushing movement holds you securely in place. Straps and retaining
devices are not needed. This station comes standard with 200# weight
stack in 10 pound units. Larger and smaller stacks available.

Station 2: Seated Military Press

This exercise works the chest, shoulder, back and tricep muscles.
The handle is fully adjustable to allow for your individual height.
The padded back rest prevents you from tipping over backwards while
pressingup. The removable stool allows the able bodied to use
both the Vertical Bench Press and the Seated Military Press. Weight
selection is done by simply moving the selector pin.

Station 3: High/Low Pulleys

This station has upper and lower handle attachments connected
to the weight stack, through a series of pulleys and cables,
giving you a wide variety of different exercises that can be
done. The pulley station will exercise your chest, shoulder,
biceps-tricepts and forearm muscles very effectively. This can
all be done from the wheelchair without assistance.
Additionally the PREACHER BENCH attachment can be added to
this station to execute forward and reverse curls. When dealing
with trace muscle groups the hi/lo pulley stack can be counter
balanced to almost zero resistance and weight change can be done
in increments of 1 pound.

Station 4: Lat Pull Down

This station exercises the back and shoulder muscles as well
as the tricep muscles, again all done from the wheelchair without
assistance. "S" hooks can be added to the bar for use with the
padded wrist cuffs. The LAP PAD prevents you from coming
out of the chair. This pad works for the able bodied also.
The lat bar can be pulled down behind the neck and down to the
front of your chest. These are movements that work your back
muscles. You can also reverse your grip, palm facing you, grab
close to the center of the bar and pull down in front to
your chest. This movement works your biceps as well as your back.

Station 5: Vertical Butterfly Or Peck Deck

This station is designed so that all you have to do is back your
wheelchair up to it to begin your work-out. This unit is
fantastic for the shoulder and chest muscles. Because it does
not require any hand holds, it is an excellent machine for Quads.
All work is done by placing your arms behind the pads, which work
independently of each other, and squeezing with shoulder and
chest muscles. This unit is a favorite with many of the
wheelchair racers as the movement gives them extra strength for
pushing their rims. This unit comes standard with 200 pound
weight stack in 10 pound units. A 150 pound combo weight stack in
5 and 10 pound units is also available. Selection of desired weight
is accomplished by simply moving one pin for the desired weight.

Station 5: Leg Curl/Leg Extension

This unit can be ordered as station 5 rather than the vertical
butterfly unit. Many hospitals and rehab centers work with
patients that have some use of lower extremities. We can also
add the leg curl/leg extension to make a 6th freestanding station.
The leg curl/leg extension works the major muscle groups in the thigh, both the frontal thighs
(quadriceps) and rear thighs - hamstring. This unit comes standard
with 200 weight stack in 10 pound units. Smaller weight stacks available.

Station 6: Lateral Deltoid

Station 7: Seated Leg Press/Calf Extension


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